Thursday, May 8, 2014


Just cause we can, it's super fun and YUM!  :)

First Additions

We love the yard how it is, but we definitely have big plans for it in the future...gardens, a fort, bbq/picnic area, fun outdoor play things for the kids, and more. But there were a couple of things we could do right away that were on our list. 

The first was a rope swing. And everybody loves it.  :)

We also REALLY wanted a fire pit. Conveniently enough we have a ton of random big rocks in a pile near one of the fences and they were perfect for making a fire pit circle and bordering some soon to be garden areas. So we put the kids to work moving rocks! :)

Now we can have fires and roast marshmallows whenever we want!

 It's been pretty warm here already this season and we are enjoying it so far. One of the days we flung the hose and sprinkler up into the tree so it would rain down on the kids, cool them off, and they loved it! Definitely something we'll be doing again.  :)

The Poor Ants Better Watch Out

The poor ants had better watch out because Samuel has now learned the art of burning things with the sun and a magnifying glass. :)

He thought it was pretty cool that he could actually make the stick start to smoke...

And burn holes right through the leaves!

It Just Keeps Getting Better

So I already loved America, think that what I know of Texas is awesome, my house is perfect for me and the yard so magical, then I find out that THIS is less than ten minutes from the house. We didn't even know that awesome lakes like this existed in Texas, I guess I always pictured it being like a big desert! But it's so green and beautiful and THIS! Oh my goodness, my heart is so happy! :)

SO...when y'all coming to visit?  :)

Our New Home

We spent two days looking all over at houses, praying and trying to find the best one for our family. After 4 years in an apartment in Korea, our #1 priority was a yard for the kids, but since we plan to continue homeschooling we were also really hoping for some space to do so without having to have all of our books and supplies in the main living area of the house. Then of course there was an office for Peter and a music room for all his instruments on the wish list too. We saw tons of places that had a lot of great qualities and several that had good yards but none of them were exactly the right fit for us. We didn't really have time to be picky because we only had so many days that the Army would hold our things while we looked for a place but I just knew there had to be a place out there that had all the things we wanted and needed.

Of course it was the very last place that we had an appointment scheduled to look at at the end of our two day search that was THE one for us. We had to make a decision on a house by 5:00 that day and we walked into this one at 4pm and knew it was where we were suppose to be. Now it WASN'T because the place was beautiful! It was a far cry from the other places we had been looking at, it was MUCH older and not nearly as pretty, but it felt like home and we could see our family living there, and we couldn't in any of the other places we looked at. It has plenty of room inside for all of us, the basics. AND it has an AMAZING homeschool room (YES A WHOLE ROOM!) for us to spend our days learning and growing together when we're not doing it outside in this beautiful Texas weather! But that's not all, it even has an extra room for Peter's office/music room. 

What really convinced me though, was when we walked out into the yard. It just went on and on and was everything I hoped I could have for my children! It has grass on one side and then it flows into a little forest that is....the best way I can think to describe it is to say it's 'magical' :) I hope my kids will see it the way I do and have tons of wonderful memories made in this yard and this home.

I am SO, SO thankful for such an amazing place to start the next chapter of our lives, I seriously couldn't be happier about it. The kids could tell you, this Mama's been giddy full of joy about it since we moved in. Oh and by 'moved in' I mean, brought our suitcases and air mattresses inside :) We don't have our furniture yet, all the things we've had in storage for almost 5 years since we started this journey in the Army, or our household things from Korea (but those will be here soon). Even without all of that, it already feels like home.

To add to the wonderfulness of it all, my sweet Joy Christine has been building fairy houses all over the yard, I love it. :)

God is so amazing, He truly knows our hearts desires and I'm humbled by the gift that this place is to me. My heart is bursting. :)

Back Home To America

A few weeks ago The Adams' finally moved back to America after living almost 4 years (1 month shy) in South Korea. To say we were excited would be an understatement. :) 

We had been back to visit a few times over the last several years but it's just not the same as living here. The kids really don't remember much of America since they were so young when we moved to Korea so it's been very fun to watch them discover the differences and see them enjoying this new adventure so much. 

The trip was long but was BY FAR THE BEST flight we've all had to or from Korea and the US. The hardest part was waiting around in the airport all day for our flight since we had to take the shuttle so early that morning. The kids were troopers though and handled it all so well. 

If you haven't heard about my flight TO Korea 4 years ago, you can read about that here The Longest Weekend Of My Life...and compared to that, this flight back to America was a piece of cake, wonderful experience, haha! :)

Our first weekend back was Easter weekend and we stayed in Austin with Peter's sister Becca and her family and the rest of Peter's family came into town also to welcome us back to America. It was a wonderful way to start this next chapter of our lives. The kids were all smiles having so much family around to love on them. 

We spent a good part of our first two weeks here in Austin seeing the sights and enjoying our time with the Adams side of the family.

We finally got to meet our adorable nephew Landon and loved having so much time to get to know him. He's so stinkin cute...ALL THE TIME! It never stops :) Needless to say, we all fell in love.

Austin is so beautiful and we loved the chance to play outside so much, the kids were in heaven.

To sum it all up, we are so glad to be back and excited to see what God has planned for us here!